Andy’s Fiver Friday#99 – How to make the inc 5000…


This week I am in all celebration mode. We made the inc5000 list for the 5th!!!! time in a row! This is a massive achievement and I want to thank all of you for helping us to make that dream a reality. Thanks also to our team, friends, partners clients – you are the best, the true ROCKSTARS!

1. Plugin

Back to the grid. I played a lot with MANIPULATOR from Infected Mushroom this week…Also Jan did a great tutorial on the blog last week!

2. Inspiration

This is more than inspiration. James Altucher is crazy, smart and every article, podcast is just mind boggling!

3. Music

Great track for a C&A international TV commercial by YOURS Truly and of course KICK ASS VIDEO!

4. Web/Social/Whatever

Check out the official INC5000 announcement here!

5. Imaging

Our friend Nick from Spin in Ireland!


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