Around the world in one Promo – How Globetrotter Matt…

This is the story of one of Australia’s young talented imaging directors, who decided to leave radio (he used to work with David Konsky and Matt Nikolic at Austereo/Southern Cross) and make his dream come true:

Matt wanted to travel around the world with his girlfriend.

After 9 month of life changing experiences, Matt used his inspiration to get back in radio and landed a gig at NOVA. Read Matt’s story  and follow his journey around the world! This is a manifest for radio imaging!

‘Traveling forces you to grow in the best possible way…Puts a lot of things in perspective!

My girlfriend and I were overseas for almost 9 months (Yes we are still together!) We spent almost 6 months in Europe and 3 months in the US. Too many highlights, but if I had to list some they would include; London (only in summer!), The south coast of Turkey (amazing!), Malta, Ios – the Greek island (PARTY ISLAND!), Italy (OMG!), surfing in San Sebastian-Spain, NYC, Vegas, Grand Canyon and the list goes on! Too many great places!

We lived in Hostels, Backpackers and dodgy Hotels everywhere and ate 2 minute noodles every night, just so we could make our money go further and stay overseas longer! The beauty of staying in hostels is that you are forced to meet new people. The amount of amazing people we met was incredible and we made lifelong friends in a very short amount of time.

One of the craziest experiences we had overseas was in Hvar, an Island off the coast of Croatia. These 2 French guys persuaded us to go out and party the first night we got there… the place they wanted to go was on another island, and the only thing on this island…was a nightclub! We paid 20 euro for a water taxi, crammed into a boat that was probably made to only fit 10 people… no word of a lie, there were over 40 people on this boat! Went over to the club where drinks were extremely cheap and didn’t get off the island till the sun was well and truly up! It was a great night.’

I’ve come back to Australia with a greater outlook on life. One thing I realised when I was overseas was how much I missed creating a piece of production, I would be walking around a Medina in Marrakech or a castle in Edinburgh and be making a promo in my head! I got the gig at Nova in Sydney producing the national nights show “Smallzy’s Surgery” and am absolutely loving it. Great team, great studios and I couldn’t be happier! (Side Note from Andy: I am so happy for Matt and all of us that he missed production so much and got back in the game…s o he will make noise and do what we all love… Keep it up Matt!)

Check out some globetrotter imaging!

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