Australia Flood Catastrophy Imaging by Nic Kelly

One of the worst natural catastrophies ever hit Australia in the last weeks. A lot of my friends in radio live there and our prayers and thoughts are with them, especially with my guys Rick and Simon both living in Brisbane and had no electric power yesterday.

My mate Nic Kelly sent through a great piece of Imaging. Please take the time and listen to that promo below – to me it is a perfect example for emotional imaging. In my opiion much more difficult to do than a zip zap festival….

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”” url=”″] QLD Flood Packaging – 13th January 2011 – Nic Kelly Production tag by Benztown Branding Blog

If you ever did stuff like that please send it through and i am happy to post it right away and create a post about this more emotional side of imaging.

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