Back in LA, Airplane productions, Bose Noise Canceling Randomness or…

LA winter times, still not the worst place to hang out, right? But lets start chronologically. While flying over, I had a hard time to sleep, so I got some stuff rolling in the plane. As we decided to create some imaging updates for the Melissa Etheridge Radio Show. I was too packed to do it back home and it was the perfect chance to give it a go. Read more about getting shit done in a plane and check some great screen caps of my settings for Dan Kelly.

Back to the production: Melissa’s stuff is quiet different from what I usually do for Benztown CHR or custom clients, it is more natural, more relaxed. The VO talent, I am using is the awesome Dan Kelly of WPLJ. If you ever have time, just check out his stuff. You’ll gonna love his sound, I promise. He is a great Imaging Director and an awesome VO talent at the same time. Check out my compression and EQing for Dan, as well as my medium Delay to give it some extra cut through.

Just a short side note, I am usually not supporting major brands here, but the noise canceling Bose Headphones, I got myself as a pre-Xmas present, are unbelievable. They are not the cheapest and I really thought twice about buying those, but you’ll feel isolated and don’t get any of that annoying plane buzzing and humming! The best ever, if you are traveling a lot. Check them out.

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