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I’m often confronted with the question: “What can I as a young beginner in Radio Imaging do to stand out?”

There are a few answers to this question. You can be one totally sick producer ace, who’s creating the greatest Imaging ever… but let’s be more down-to-earth. Sick producer skills don’t come over night. So what’s the other option to stand out?

This is one of the first (and probably one of the most important) lessions Andy told me.

Here’s the key to success: Be Proactive!

In a world where everybody is in hurry, there’s no time for a program director to explain every little detail and procedure to his producers, so you have to be more self dependent. You have to priotitize. What has to be done first? What is more important? The elements for a current event or for a event next month? See what’s important and do it before you’re told to do it or at least tell your boss or colleagues, that it has to be done.

Develop own ideas and tell them. Just try it. What do you have to lose? Your boss could either say yes or no, but at least you came up with an idea. Employers estimate this. Even if you had not the best idea or your idea was declined, at least you had some ideas. Your boss and your colleagues will notice your will to improve. This makes you special.

If you have a task or a project to do,  just tell your ideas or ways to improve it and make it better. Your boss will like it.

If your sitting quietly at your desk and do all the work, you’re assigned to do, you’ll never stand out.

So go out, share your ideas, show your will to improve and stand out!



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