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This one’s a cool feature, when you’re working on stereo tracks with mono plugins and want to control your left and right channel separately without having tons of mono tracks. This little lesson won’t take you even five minutes, but give you great additional options for ever!

Choose any mono plugin from your plugin list and insert it into a stereo track.

Here’s a normal mono plugin activated as example:

And now let’s see how you can can achieve stereo control with this mono plugin.

The letter ‘L’ in the upper part is the channel selector. It enables you to switch between the left and right channel. Try to change a few parameters and then switch back to the other channel. You’ll see that all changes you did on the one channel a synced to the other one.

Above the channel Selector is the master link button. It’s the little chain which is activated in this case. By clicking on this chain, you are unlinking the left and right channel, so you can control left and right separately.

For total control, hold down alt/option (⌥) on Mac and click on the channel selector. A second window of your plugin will appear.

One plugin window controls the left channel and the other one the right channel. As soon as the master link is deactivated, you have total control over both channels

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