Benztown50 – Radio’s biggest Station Voices or how to pick…

Recently we launched the Benzown50, a list where we want to highlight the most successful Radio Voice Overs. A few days ago, I asked on Facebook : “Who is your favorite Voice Over Act?” – and for sure people had different favorites like me. What also stood out is the question: “What is the main criteria for picking a voice over talent?

Thats why I think we need to evaluate that points here and see, if we can find a generic recipe or at least give people a helping hand to make the right decisions. I have worked with hundreds of voice over peeps (most of them i really liked)  in the last 10 years, talents from all over the world and also in various languages, but if I had to pick VO for my station or a client i usually tend to do it after the same principle.

1. Fit (does the VO fit my brand / message / target group)
2. Market Structure (What voices are already been taken in that market / what voices do my competitors use –> go different or same, depending on your position in the market)
3. Flexibility (what reads do i need, what reads can the talent provide – how often can he be available short term etc..)
4. Delivering Quality (I am a fan of great signal and it is so much easier to make a good signal great then try to make a bad signal sound good)
5. Rate (sure, this needs to be addressed)


To me the right Voice Over makes a huge different. If we would talk PRINT ads, it would be the color of your ad, a huge part of the artwork deciding if the strategical message comes through or NOT. Let me know how you pick or picked your station voice!

What is important to you?

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