Boss for a week – Andre’s Production Diary Part 22

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

Since 22 weeks, I’m now a part of the Benztown Team and I’m glad to still be there to learn from the pros in Radio Imaging.

Today, I’m talking responsibility. If you’re young and starting in a new job, you’re only responsible for yourself and the stuff you do (of course, there are exceptions), but the last two weeks, I had a lot of responsibly (more than, I’m used to).

As most of you know, Andy was in Los Angeles, to work on several projects like the Melissa Etheridge Radio Show, our new Jack format, meeting Jake Kaplan and much more.

With only a few guys at our studio in Stuttgart, every man is needed, but the job still has to be done. Of course, Andy was way to busy to watch our work in Stuttgart and to see if everything’s working out, so someone else has to be there, to check out that everything’s doing well.

Andy gave me the responsibly for our work in Stuttgart, so it was my duty to make sure that everything’s working out.

Here I was… A volunteer with respbonsibly for the whole work of our studio in Stuttgart. How it felt like and how to not sink in chaos, check it here….

A few tips for keeping the overview:

1. Make a list with ALL things to do. Don’t just write down your stuff. You need everything to keep the overview.

2. Start the week with a meeting and an overview for everyone, so everyone knows what to and they won’t waste time by asking you everytime what to do.

3. Try to create routines. With routines, everyone knows what to do at a certain time. That makes it easier to know what to do and easier for you to keep the overview.

4. Always keep in contact. You’ll never know what happens and what alternative plans you might need.

It really was an honor to receive all this responsibility and although, we were one guy less, it still worked out. Thanks to Andy for offering this chance to me to learn this much and proof myself in this two weeks.

Cheers and have a nice weekend..

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