Change the Cycle – Create outstanding Station Imaging ! Today!

“You must not fight the cycle, you must transform it into a different cycle altogether. It’s a lot of work, but less work than failing.” (Multi Million Bestseller Author Seth Godin)

This been said, todays experiment is to look on your work routines make you fail, mess up your schedule and deliver bad inspiration. Write them down and explain behind why they make you fail, mess up your schedule etc. What is the the result? Is it really that dramatic or is it you? Would it be great to get rid of all that routines, which detain you in creating something great?

When I do coachings and trainings with Imaging guys or Programmming people I always hear the same phraese, being results of  their cycle : I HAVE NO TIME or I HAVE NO BUDGET to do that.

Budget is not the equal to quality, if you are willing to learn and improve.

Budget is not the key to have a great idea.

Budget hasnt been an excuse to people were willing to create something new and outstanding

NO TIME is no excuse to dont do great Imaging, that make your station successfull.

NO TIME is no excuse to dont create an awesome major tactic that might be sponsored by a big brand and generates thousends of new listeners and revenue.

NO TIME is no excuse to dont have fun in the job you love.

Change the cycle, get rid of your bad routine and create something great!

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