Checking out Stylus – Andre’s Production Diary Part 5

Hi guys.

One of our mostly updated category in our service are Drumloops. Every week, we offer at least 4 Drumloops for every format, so you see. There’s a lot of work to do. And today, I’m showing you a PlugIN to take care of this task.

Enjoy the fifth part of my production diary.

Chapter 7: Stylus RMX by Spectrasonics

Today, I’m gonna show you one of the most useful PlugINs, we use in our daily work.

Stylus RMX by Spectrasonics is a Loop based virtual instrument-PlugIN. Most of the Drumloops, we offer at Benztown Branding and it’s totally easy to start. Just set up the speed you want and the Stylus RMX handles the speed.

Stylus RMX comes with a massive core library (7,4GB) and is expendable. From bass kicks to snares, hi hats, rides,  bongos and a lot of different percussion instruments & tonal FX.

If you want to modify your Loop, just check out the FX section. The FX section offers up to 3 FX slots for every element of your Drumloop. From different compressors over flangers, phasers, delays & many more. This is very useful, because it’s very circumstantional to record every single element of your Drumloop and then modify it with other PlugINs.

For more variation, check out the Time section. Here you can change the timing of your elements, make them offbeat or make them a bit loose to make it sound more natural than like a drum computer.

For total insanity, check out the Chaos Designer. The Chaos Designer rearranges the patterns of  single elements of your Loop ramdomly, adds reverses, buzzing noises, repeats single parts and changes your timing.

This makes every play-out totally unique, so keep on recording 🙂

Stylus RMX is a very cool PlugIN for me and I don’t wanna miss it anymore. The range reaches from soft Pop/Rock stuff over House beats to rough Techno & Jungle breakbeats.

The FX section is a big win to spice up single elements and give them more power (and believe me, you’ll need it, because a lot of elements definitively need more power).

The massive core library, the FX and the simpleness make Stylus RMX to one of the best solutions to solve the massive need for Drumloops at our service.

For pics, video & audio, check out:

I would like to hear your opinion. What do you think of Stylus RMX? What other Plugins do you use for beat creation?

So thanks fo reading, have fun and be creative.



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