Create a blockbuster CHR sound or Meet Lebanon’s Radio One

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Radio One in Lebanon is using our CHR Library Clique, which is a full blown, super energized CHR imaging pack. Dan Harper reached out and send us some of the Imaging he came up with.
We were hyped up, by the energy and overall sound and reached out to Dan to check on his background, his story and what radio is up to in the Middle East. Enter Dan


What do you do for Radio One?
I run my own audio production company, but I also consult as a full-time Head of Production at Radio One.

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What is specific for a station in the Middle East ? Sound, Listeners…(What is different from the UK, f.e.)
The music taste is different, we have better weather so the audience likes a more rhythmic/ upbeat sound. We also have to be careful of anything political or religious that might upset people.

What is your career background?
I started off in 1993. First as a DJ/ presenter at Atlantic 252 in Ireland, then to Channel 4 in Dubai as Program Controller in 1997, then into full-time production as Head of Creative at Talk Radio in London in 1999. Then I moved back to the Middle East in 2000 and after starting a family, I’m not planning on going anywhere anytime soon.

What do you think is great working with an imaging library ?

  • how does it save time?
    I like to have everything downloaded rather than use the site to search for stuff. I re-label when necessary and keep my library well organized so I can grab something easily. That saves me a lot of time trying to create a sound or search through old libraries for what I need.
  • how do you customize the sound?
    I don’t always use the shell in a sweeper. For example. I quite often match the vocal part in the shell with another music bed.
  • why do you pick a particular library?
  1.  It has a sound that represents the music we play
  2.  It has a good regular amount of audio to keep things fresh
  3.  Is fast and easy to use

What does your VO chain look like?
I have 4 or 5 chains. The main one is a mixture of Waves and iZotope plugins. I’m loving Nectar 2. I’m buying new plug-ins once a year so I’m eyeing up some new ones for next year like Sonnox.

The best Prod trick everybody should know?

Dans Session Screenshot

Dans Session

I’m a big fan of not overcomplicating the effects on the voices. Because a lot of the audio I produce in English is heard by listeners who use English as a second or third language, I need to make sure they can understand the words. I like production to sound slick but it’s no good if it’s incomprehensible. If I’ve created a really hot promo where the vocals are a bit over processed or low in the mix, I’ll test it by playing it to someone who’s English isn’t perfect… if they understand it, the promo is good to go!

Whats next for Radio One?
We’ve just made the switch to Benztown Clique and we’re really happy with the results. We’ve found loads of uses in the library from program production to power intros. I think we’d like a new jingle package in the next year or two. Time to start nagging the station owner!

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