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We all fight the day to day battle of being creative and even more creative, reinvent the station sound and stay on top of the music cycle (for the guys work on classic hits or classic rock formats the last point doesn’t count). The questions are : How can some guys be creative in the twinkle of an eye, how can they find the right grabs, music sequences, loops or create a stunning idea from scratch in seconds? Here is one of the answers – they own an unlimited and self developing, steady growing rescource of inspiration. Meet the Inspiration Archive.

Sure we’re talking about a well sorted archive, which also can or even should be used for inspiration and creative lacks. The perfect world to me is an inspiration archive within your traditional archive. Now you freakin out! Another Archive, it took my ages to set up my overall archive. I hear you 🙂 – but i ran one and it makes me unbeliveable fast and creative. Whenever one of the guys here at benztown or myself cut new music for ramploops and hooks, proudce a beat, promo or anything esle,  whenever we check out a cool uptempo track from the club charts or find a soundbite we export it from the actual session and put it in our INSPIRATION ARCHIVE. It is no additional work at all. An export of an proTools file is seconds. So you don’t have to go crazy, it is no additional work at all, but a massive weapon in the day to day imaging battle.

The beauty of this is : doing a contest promo, music selling promo, station imager or whatever, we have tons of stuff to choose from and stay creative and on top of the music in minutes. Combines with our traditional archive including VO, Listeners, workparts, FX, the stuff comes out of the production booth faster than you can imagine. Create your muse, now!

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