Creative Resources or 5 Answers From STAXX

After meeting Staxx finally at WWRS in Los Angeles last week and being on a Panel with him, I thought a round 2 was the least we could do to point out the hilarious and funny way to adress radio brand messages / pop culture topics on air. In my opinion no one else does that as creative and fun for CHR as Staxx, who already changed the sound and style of Z100, the most iconic radio station in the world – this is my personal opinion.

How about yours?



1. Any tips for being creative in a shorter time frames?

Let your sounds do the talking. If there isn’t room for a few words, maybe some sonic scenery can spell out what you’re going for without having to say it.


2. What are your resources, where do you get inspirations from?

I try to get inspiration from everywhere. Ads on the Subway, TV, streets…watching people interact. My best work is usually my most honest…and the more things you can observe, the more you can break them down and make your own.


3. Did you try to approach this differently from the start ?

Totally. I think everyone starts off replicating what the popular guys are doing, or what their PD instructs them to do, etc. After a while, you start to discover your own style. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some really great managers that saw some of that for me and helped push me in the right direction.


4. How much creative freedom do you have and how difficult is it do deliver messages the way you do on a station like Z100.

Mark and the rest of the team at Z100 are amazing and create a really great creative environment, so it typically isn’t too hard to get stuff on the air. That said, I check with him on most things we load. Never know when your PD may hear something you didn’t, think in a different way that might save you some trouble down the road, or better yet, add/strike that one line you were looking for to really complete the message.


5. Any new ideas or strategies you would like to see from your colleagues more?

I think the best new idea is more new ideas! Tried and true strategies aren’t going away, with good reason, but it’s always awesome to hear innovation built from the same tools everyone else has.



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