Creativity…Do you need an Audi R8 for it? Ask Sidey!

You all know Sidey. One of the most talented guys in the business and creative genius. But how can every one of us be creative, write great scripts and do remarkable work and do we need an R8 for it? Well, the last question is personal – I would go for a Porsche, but..does great Imaging has the need to be creative or is this non sense and it is all about turn around time, quick in and out and delivery of facts….What THE hell is CREATIVITY in radio imaging? Check my interview with Sidey!

1. Creative… a big word, often used, even often over used…Give me your thoughts about creative radio, writing, production, why is it important? What is the rules for not just being creative, but also make the imaging doing the trick?
Creativity in imaging is important to make your station stand out from others and give it it’s own personality. It could be smart ass, have attitude.. Or just be slick and cool.. And it just makes the job fun too..
There are no rules. That’s the fun part.. Just experiment in the studio with ideas..Lots of stuff doesn’t work.. Sometimes you just amuse yourself and no one else gets it..
But every now then you get an awesome idea that everyone’s into.. Sometimes even your PD..
I think the trick with being creative is to just think upside down..
Think of the opposite of what you’re trying to right.. Try and relate 2 completely different ideas together..
Or just get a straight message and figure out a way to turn it on it’s head.. There’s no one formula..
Coz every idea comes from a different place.. But there probably are formulas..
Just gotta find the one that works each time..

2. How do you come up with ideas? Is there any tricks, brainstorming techniques? IS there rules to your personal writing process ?
One way I start writing it by making a list of words that relate to whatever I’m writing about..
Sometimes in my head.. Sometimes I write them down.. I find if I keep writing down random words and thoughts that eventually an idea pops into my head.. Then I elaborate on it til it works or doesn’t work..
In which case I go back to the list again.
You’ve gotta find a starting point too.. Like it could be something that’s mandatory to the script..
Or just one line or thought that relates to the promo.. It could be a hook from a song.. An artist grab..
A funny TV bit you found.. Whatever.. Start there and then write around it.

3. Who is the top 5 in imaging / voice over ?
Some imaging guys who I find myself constantly going back to listen to their stuff for inspiration are..
Ben Ryan (Nova 106.9 Brisbane).. Jake Kaplan (Amp Radio LA).. The usuals – Jeff Thomas and John Frost..
And there are so many more.. I’m always surfing the net looking for stuff to check out..

4. Gear you ever wanted to play with?
The gear I’d most like to play with would be an Audi R8.

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