Do the unexpected or will you be remebered?

Boris Becker, the German tennis player is one of the biggest sport stars in world history . Why people remebered him? Not because he was the best tennis player ever, but he made the impossible happen. In 1985 as a 17 year old nobody, he won the most prestigious tennis tournamnet of the world “Wimbeldon”. He was the youngest and first unseeded player won the tournament, ever!

What we can learn from Boris Becker?

In todays (virtual) media situation it is really hard to do something new and innovative. It is much more difficult to be more funny, more impressing and sound different then the competitor each day. It is much more difficult to be set apart from the pack and find a lucrative niche for your product or station. Why? Media and Advertisment is everywhere! Your audience is over it! Over it listening to the same sounding radio commercials, same sounding promos and trailers, same sounding radio stations.

Whenever something unexpected happens people talk, whenever there is a “dish washer to Millionaire story” people get emotional about it, whenever the underdog makes it, people remember.

This is why I recommend : Do something unexpected. Try the impossible – make an impact – NOW!

There is no risk, if you do something unexpected!

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