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It’s been a while since this blog was born. And since the beginning Interviews have always been an essential part of it. Tips, tricks and wisdoms directly from the leading guys of our industry. While checking old posts, I recognised that there are Interviews, I nearly forgot about. There’s a long list and to pretend them from falling into oblivion, I picked some and added them to this list. Check this list from 2013 and 2014.


Dan Mumford
Back in 2014 I interviewed Dan Mumford, who’s the Station Sound Manager of BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra since 2014. Short, but interesting one.

Ashley Bard
My first interview with Ashley Bard was also back in 2014. I first heard from him at Daryl’s Blog and was immediately impressed by his work.

Shane Drain
One of our benztownbranding production gurus, Shane, won an ASCAP Award back in 2014. I used the chance to interview him.

Eric Romanowski
When we added Eric to our Imaging Roster, I interviewed him. He’s got some interesting in depth tips for VO processing!

Tom Ferguson
Tom does an incredible job and I was thrilled when I had the chance to interview him!

Chris Davis
Want to know how to combine awesome imaging and working from home with three kids?

Rick Allen
Super interesting interview with Rick Allen who’s a textbook example of a radio veteran.

Daniel Goodridge
Daniel visited us in Stuttgart and has some nice tips how to get your mastering upgraded!

Tom Baker
A youngster who used to image his college radio!


Sergey Zelentsov
When Sergey from Moscow visited us in Stuttgart, I wanted to know how his work at Europa Plus is.

David Tyler
David Tyler founded the Radio Imaging Facebook group on Facebook and connected us all together.

Leandro Adrogué
Spanish Imaging was a thing I was pretty interested in. Raul Segura connected me with Leandro Adrogué, who works for Grup Flaix in Barcelona

Mikey Moscatello
Mikey images in NYC for SiriusXM and has one of the best views ever!

Dan Pearson
Dan used to work for 2DayFM and Nova in Australia and does an incredible job!

James Stodd
James is our Avalanche Director on benztownbranding and we couldn’t find a better one.

Paul Duffy
Paul Duffy has his own version of training camps. Check out my interview with former Iron Imager Paul Duffy.

Dom Evans
Dom is a youngster from Melbourne and rocks the stuff! Harry has sent me some stuff from him, and so I connected with him.

Brionne Olsen
The winner of our Christmas Contest back in 2012 was Brionne. He images form South Africa and has pretty interesting stuff to share!

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