Dramatic scores and epic sound design – Inside Komplete 9…

Finally we added it to our studio! Native Instruments’ all-in-one solution for producers – KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE!

This package with 65 instruments and effects will give you all you need to get started in production and sound design or to extend your repertoire to the max!

We want to take a look inside this package and check out the various cool instruments and effects for radio production, imaging and sound design.

Getting through this massive collection would blow the dimension of this post, so we want to get it piece by piece.Today we want to start with a big bang – NI’s collaboration with Heavyocity, which brings cinematic epicness to your production, also known as DAMAGE (Finally, also a part of the Komplete 9 Ultimate collection)

You’re looking for a big smashing sound for your promo? Check out, how Damage brings you epic scores and effects in a few seconds and hear some audio samples.

Damage features cinematic percussion loops and single effects, which can be easily triggered with your MIDI keyboard. Needless to say, they are all tempo synced by your DAW’s tempo and no matter which tempo, they will sound incredible! By choosing one loop suite, you get a massive collection of various epic tension loops with rough electronics and epic impacts. Every key is another smashing loop. Once you found the one you like, you can customize it easily with the simple interface.

In the main section you have access to your master FX, amp envelope and an amp sequencer for easy customization of the loop.

The EQ/Filter section (screenshot below) consists of a three band EQ with high pass and low pass filter and the infamous punish knob. If you dare to raise the level it will bring the sound to the limit and smash your DAW.

Using Damage feels like creating a live cinematic score, which you can control anytime. One reason for this are the T-FX.

These effects are set to the upper range of your MIDI keyboard and can be triggered live, while you’re playing the loops from the lower range of your MIDI keyboard. Features are effects like delay, phaser, lo-fi, rotator, pitch and filter envelope and more. Besides these effects, you have loop and stutter effects section right beside it on the MIDI keyboard.

Create an epic promo in a few moments. Below is an example of Damage’s impacting sounds, simply created by triggering some loops and effects in real-time mixed with some single shots from the impacts library.

Below is a little demo of Damage created by just playing some single loops, combined with some effects in real-time and single impacts from Damage’s hard-hitting library.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/98764312″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

If you’re not into pre-produced loops, you can create your own cinematic scores using the 58 drum kits and the banging ‘Damage Hits’ library.

Bring power to your production and create epic scores and trailers in an instance and also add a massive package of impacting drums and hits to your sound design library — get ready to punish with Damage!

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