Excited like a child at Christmas and my most dangerous…

Hi guys, it’s me Andre.

It’s now my 18th week at the Benztown Studios at Stuttgart and this week I had to face my biggest task ever since I’m a volunteer here.

It started when a guy with a real massive package arrived. It was so big, it almost was to big for our elevator. Finally we managed to get the package into the studio. Everyone was excited, because we knew what it was.  Our new studio desk!

And from this point, the tricky part started…

Everyone wanted to see the new desk in real life, so that meant, someone got to build it. Of course, the volunteer.

A short explanation: I’m not handy with tools. I’m not handy with tools at all. I even despair on IKEA furniture. My biggest success was to build a desk made of six parts.

So here I was, not knowing what to do. After unpacking all the packages, the confusion started. Everything looked the same and that freaking manual was no help at all. Before hurting myself or others with the tools, Fabi joined me and then it worked out. As a former carpenter, Fabi knew what to do and saved me from hurting myself badly. After hours of sweat, pain and agony, we finally managed to build the new desk. To be honest, I never thought I would be able to build something like that (I wouldn’t be able, if Fabi wasn’t there).

I’m so excited to see and hear the new stuff in action.

Whether Fabi and I did a good job, how the result  looks like and the rest of our studio update, you’ll see the pics soon, I promise.

Cheers and have a nice weekend

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