Experiment: The perfect VO treatment OR I WANT YOU

We had a plenty of VO treatment posts and seen a lot of screen shots and interview parts considering VO treatment. You find discussions about the right VO treatment everywhere in the www and in each monthly issue of almost any recording magzine.  Is it EQ before or after compression, why use a Limiter or Compressor, or both, is Normalize or not Normalize the right way to go. Imaging guys all over the world do it differently and we’ve seen screen caps from a lot of guys and their way to do it. Is there a right and a wrong way of VO treatment in radio imaging? Technically I would say yes, but if it is sounding great it is sounding great, right? This week you /the best radio imaging guys in the world and I make the biggest Experiment in VO treatment ever! COME closer….

Goal. Get your VO treatment on the next level. Use the power of the entire benztown community to make your VO cut through and pop out.

Please send an email explaining the steps + screen caps + the audio of the VO you processed to [email protected] until next week Friday. All the attendants will recieve a logIn code to a secret webiste, where you can find all the emails and pics from the other guys + my latest plugIN settings for Harry is listed. Use Harry’s VO below (lick on the arrow to download) or your own station voice over for this.

I am really looking forward to your emails!

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