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Hi guys, it’s Andre,

16 entries in my Production Diary ago, I started my career as volunteer for Benztown and to be honest, I’m really proud to be there. In the last weeks, I had the opportunity to learn from the pros @ Benztown and to share the stuff I learned with you.

Creating Ramploops, being prodactive, how to choose FX or Beatjuggling in Pro Tools. These were only a few things, I showed and shared with you.

Today, I’m going back to the basics and show you how to increase your speed in preparing your sessions without sinking in the daily chaos of hundreds and thousands of audio files.

Several weeks ago, I showed you what’s important to prepare a session and most of you knwo how long it could take to get the right audio for your session

Create audio files packages for different situations or topics. A few examples:

– A Halloween package with scary drones, trick or treat samples, ghost noises., etc…

– A Summer package with beach and sea SFX and etc….

– A Concert package with different crowds, stage announcers, etc…

You can create these holiday packages a long time before you have to create elements for these days. You might not know the exact scripts, but you can get a few basic elements for the Promo to save time in the future.

Your station is covering current events and gossip? So check out your key artists, your station often covers and create one package per artist with the newest Songs, Ramploops, Hooks, IDs, samples, etc… from your artist.

With these packages you might only need the new VO audio and you’re ready to create some stunning elements.

A little warning at the end: update your packages regulary to avoid using the same audio in every element.

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