Fiver Friday #145 – Scott Phillips Takeover, Timeless 2, Moon…

Guys, I am still in beautiful Greece laying in the sun and relaxing all day long. Therefore this weeks Fiver Friday take over comes from Scott Phillips !


I always see people talking about Fabfilter plugins such as Pro-Q, but I’ve not seen anybody talk up their delay plugin, Timeless 2. This is one of my ‘go to’ plugins and it features somewhere in all of my sessions. It comes with a STACK of really useable presets until you become familiar with its functions. I get better and quicker results out of this, than any other delay plugin.


Every time I watch Gary Vaynerchuk speak, it’s like the penny drops. This guy is one of my inspirations and watching this video this week was 15 minutes well spent.


This is a throwback to one of my favorite albums in my collection, and a genre that I never get to work with in radio.


I’d say about 70% of the imaging that I produce is based around creative writing, and sometimes writers block kicks in. Whenever that happens I open google images, tap in a keyword and search for meme’s. I’ll usually find something that will spark an idea and develop it into a sweeper.

Old enough to remember taping songs off the radio? This time, we promise not to speak all over the end – Your Life, Your Music – Mix 92.9


This week we feature one of the leaders of country imaging. Introducing iHeartCountry’s Steve Sykes, who I’ve been following for a long time. You’ll have heard his work on the nationally syndicated Bobby Bones show. Steve takes the format to a whole new level.

The vocals you hear on this montage are all country artists who record with Steve in Nashville on a regular basis.

I’ve uploaded a picture of his set up too, which is insanely awesome.


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