Fiver Friday #146 – Scott Mayton Takeover, CLA Effects, Creative…

Since I’m still hanging out in beautiful Greece restoring my creative energy, we’ve got another takeover. This week’s fiver friday comes from our very own Scott Mayton!


An oldie but a goodie that allows for some dirty layering!  Chris Lord-Alge “CLA Effects” is one of my go to’s for quick filters with a heavy punch.  Try the “ear dart” preset, tweak from there and layer with a thinned out VO…dirty! 


I picked up “Creative Quest” by the legend himself, Questlove. A hell of a read, dubbed a most anticipated book of 2018 by Esquire. From the roots, to the Tonight Show and his legendary DJ sets, Quest talks all about how he harnesses his creativity. If you dig these quotes from the book, 1 click buy that is on Amazon right now!

“You need to push toward new ideas of yourself and push back towards the earlier ones that encouraged you to push toward the new ones.”

“Don’t let people make you feel that you’re something you’re not or else you’ll get in your own way.”

“True creativity requires an artist to both insist on his own plan and recognize the needs of the crowd and to live inside the tension between the two.”

“Collaboration can be like hanging out with the Knicks. You’re not as tall as you thought you were. But you have other qualities that you didn’t notice until you stop being preoccupied with your height.”

Image: Questlove


I drive the LA office a little crazy with the music I play far too loud on a regular basis. Funk and R&B is my groove. Here’s one of my favorite albums as of late: 


One of my favorite daily emails is from The Hustle! Biggest stories of the day in a quick read with some solid humor.

The Hustle 


Had the pleasure of spending some solid time with Albert To, Imaging Producer for Kiss 92.5 Toronto and National CHR Imaging Lead for Rogers, when he was in town for the launch of K3’s “Imaging House.”  Some awesome inspiration, especially with his beat mixed promos…and dude has some solid musical taste.  Check him out!

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