Fiver Friday #227 – Waves OMyVox, Fritz Kalkbrenner And Iron…

While everyone’s preparing for Corona we’ve prepared the next fiver friday for you guys! All jokes aside, please stay safe and take care of your colleagues and family, we might be up for a tough ride! Let’s get into this week’s findings:


We created a quick loop and made a short video to take part in the Waves OMyVox Giveaway, check it out here:

You can also take a listen to the loop here (all stutters, glitches and processing created with Ovox):


Great channel on Audio Production with great knowledge and clean visual – definitely recommended!


The latest release from German Electronic Music Producer “Fritz Kalkbrenner” !


In light of recent events:


Due to the corona virus outbreak WWRS 2020 and Iron Imager 9 have been postponed. Check the official press release here:

9th Annual Iron Imager Contest (2020)

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