Fiver Friday #35: Step Aside(y), DK…

…there’s a new Iron Imager in town.

This week’s Fiver Friday has been hijacked by Benztown’s LA Chapter. The ink is still drying on Sidey’s seven-figure endorsement contract with Eventide…and he’s already celebrating, poolside at the Roosevelt. So here’s a special WWRS2016 version of #FiverFriday.

  1. Sidey wins the 2016 Iron Imager Contest…
    • Year 5 marks the start of a new chapter in Iron Imager history. We congratulate Sidey with all our hearts, and welcome him to #RadioImaging royalty. We had a great time getting to know him this week, and the imaging community that attended WWRS was equally pleased to get to know him and pick his brain.  Check out the 2 final pieces below.
  2. The guy he beat??? No easy feat…
    • Let’s not forget the fact that Dan Kelly (WPLJ & NASH-FM/New York) beat down 3 other production professionals – 3 years in a row – to make it here today. He’s the OG, and he always will be.
  3. We didn’t make it easy…NEWS/TALK?!?!?!
    • It’s election season in the states. So if you ask 2 radio imaging guys to produce a political promo, it’s no big deal. But one of them is a Hot AC/Country specialist, and the other is a 20-year Rock veteran….from another country. The Iron Imager Contest is not for the faint-of-heart. It’s for professionals who can make the impossible happen….in less than an hour.
  4. WWRS still needs a VO & Imaging series.
    • Since the inaugural Iron Imager Contest at #WWRS2012, the concentration of radio imaging & VO professionals attending the Worldwide Radio Summit has grown…and it’s hitting critical mass. You can find them crowded around the historic lobby fountain at the Roosevelt…networking, and learning from one another, and finally putting faces to names. Sponsors and attendees are demanding some representation on the official agenda. Hit these guys up and let them know!
  5. How to speak Australian – we learned some new vocabulary this week, thanks to Sidey…
    • Dagwood Dogs/Pluto Pups – Corn dogs
    • Pear-shaped – F***ed up…in a good or bad way….depending on your outlook
    • Wrongtown – Where you end up after things get pear-shaped

Welcome to the hall of fame, Sidey. See you next year!


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