Fiver Friday #357 – BZ Plugin, Foley Sound, Keyboard Hacks…

Hello, imaging and radio friends! Susan Aksu from marketing here! Happy to be able to share some fun finds on this week’s Fiver Friday.

1. Plugin

I don’t use a lot of plugins in my day to day but would I doing my job as a marketing director for Benztown if I didn’t “plug in” our very own plug-in? It goes to 11!




2. Inspiration

Not on the radio side but relevant: Check out SFX/Foley Queen & Artist, Sanaa Kelley. Her IG is an awesome account for SFX inspo and just to see how she creates foley sound for TV/Film and animation.



3. Music

I started listening to Milky Chance again and forgot why I ever stopped! I saw them live at the Shrine Auditorium a few years ago and it was excellent.



4. Web/Social/Whatever

I came across this keyboard cheat-sheet “database”  called Use The Keyboard that I think is super cool and pretty much covers every major software/website like Adobe Suite, SoundCloud, Slack, Audacity, etc etc. Worth checking out!





5. Imaging

New Adrenaline Imaging from Royce Stevenson!


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