From Australia to outer Space or The Nic Kelly Files…

Last week we introduced our brand new category “The Nic Kelly Files” featuring one of the new generation of Imaging guys.  Nic Kelly from Australia!

After showing us how to create stunning beatmixing techniques in Adobe Audition, he’s got something special for you, no matter if you’re using Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, Logic or any other DAW.

Today he shows us his self created Cosmonaut Voice:

Cosmonaut Voice is a stunning plugin which includes telephone voice, CB radio distortion, noise, squelch and even interplanetary effects…

Check out an example by David Konsky himself: just click here

Of course such a great plugin has it’s price which may be to exorbitant for a young producer, which just has started.

So, Nic Kelly created his OWN Cosmonaut Voice:

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”” url=”″]

This example is created without Cosmonaut Voice! You don’t believe it? Then check out Nic’s plugin chain screenshots and take off to outer space.

As a young solo producer, I’m not as heavily equipped with an arsenal of plugins that can be used in every situation as bigger names.
So I’ve had to teach myself how to ‘make do’ with what I have.

One such plugin is Cosmonaut Voice – which is a few hundred bucks I could do with keeping in my account. Instead, I’ve managed to create a four plugin chain, using some basic WAVES plugins, that can achieve a very similar, crunching effect.

Below are four screenshots and some audio to hear what a processed voice with this on can sound like. Experiment with shifting the EQ between the 1k and the 2k range.

Have a go and experiment – and let me know – what other plugins (or infamous VO filters!) have you come up with using other plugins!

Thanks to Nic for sharing his screenshots, audio and wisdom with us.

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