Gary in Berlin at Radiodays Europe, free SoundToys gear and…


All the peeps, who met me in Berlin, know what I am talking about. My voice is totally gone, which is super frustrating as I met so many old friends and colleagues and had a hard time to talk. What means talk… I try, but my voice keeps fading away. That’s why Gary has to do this for me, at least here in Berlin. )


Check out the pic gallery of Gary’s adventures at the Radiodays Europe and get the newest tip for a free plugin from SoundToys, which has been rumored  amongst production guys we met there.

Have a look at the pics and maybe you can spot a few faces which long-time readers will know already.

A lot of radio guys and producers, means a lot of tech-talk. Who’s using which gear and plugin’s and what stuff is hot and upcoming? There, we also heard of this free plugin, SoundToys is giving away for users which have an iLok account – Micro Shift – a mixing secret weapon for widening and spacial effects on VO and instruments. Get it here for free! Just enter with your SoundToys account or create a new one if you don’t have one already and get it!

After having a great time in Berlin, it’s time to head via Benztown a.k.a. good old Stuttgart again.

Cheers, guys.

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