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Your opinion counts a lot to me and you all know that. Today I have a question in own interest.

For every company it is crucial, that they know what the market is up to, what the customer is looking for exactly.  In my opinion this is only possible through transperancy and interacting directly with target group of people using or would use your product. We do that a lot at benztown and our stytem is the most fluid in the world, because we really try to integrate almost any customer suggestion. But I also want my blog readers, the best and most innovative, intercative and creative imaging and radio people in the world, to tell me how we can improve as well. Here at benztown our goal has always been to offer the best imaging libraries in the world in audio quality, variety, design, usability and interactivity. We have a lot of innovative and great ideas to come for 2014 – let me know what you think is a home run.

So this yearI want YOU and YOUR Opinion. I want you to get an Innovator ! Every idea, even if it is alresdy on my personal list will be rewarded with a free portion of SOUND FX, Loops, Drones & Pads or other great Imaging workparts and the best about it : YOU DECIDE. You wil get free downloads for the chosen format.

The CEO of P & G (A.G.  Lafley) introduced his Connect & Development Program back in the days on their website and it cant be said better :

If you want to be part of the benztown Connect + Development Program, the first thing like that ever for an imaging product, pls email me [email protected] and we are gonna set up a personal logIN for the format of your choice and looking forward hearing your feedback and ideas.  Every Idea you submit, will get you free downloads, the fame fx package or an awesome benztown brigade batch!

Make your station sound like the biggest stations in the world for your ideas of improvment.

YOU  can be an INNOVATOR…start NOW!

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