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Last week Jez B sent through a very inspiring piece by using Taio Cruz’s “Troublemaker”. There is a lot of Filtering going on as well as great listener audio and VO effects. A wonderful example how to position one of Australia’s most successfull morning shows! Check out the audio and learn from Jez!

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Continue to see Jerimiah’s explanation and screenshots.

‘It’s a profile promo intended to sum up everything the show stands for. Blacko’s been using the ‘only one’ branding in all his product stuff, so it makes to use it in some breaky branding as well.

In terms of building this, I built a 128bpm beat using different samples and fills I had. It’s a standard four on the floor with a funkier high hat (playing 8th notes). The slow beat at the start is still locked on the 128bpm grid, but there’s only one snare per bar (RVerb’d to the shithouse). The only song I needed was Taio Cruz’s Troublemaker. There were enough varied bits in the instrumental to create light/shade in the promo.

Attached a screenshot of the session, and a close up of that big sounding beat at the start.’

Thanks to Jez for sharing his audio, pics and wisdom with us.

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