Get the Hottest Stories first! Useful Links Part. 2

Many of you Production Guys are copy writers as well. So you know how hard it is to come up with new topics and stories every day, especially if there is no major tactic or promotion going on. In my opinion it is also great to tell a story in a sweeper or promo.

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That’s why I’m proud to present to you: Useful Links Part. 2. After covering some great Production Blogs out there, it’s all about content. Where to get stories, gossip, rumors and inspiration to make your elements up to date. MAKE your station stand out!

Save hours of searching content by bookmarking these power lists we did, getting the rrs feed or follow their twitter accounts.

Here are the URBAN, CHR, HOTAC and ROCK powerlists……Bookmark now!

Check out the Rolling Stone News:

For the hottest gossip and rumors, check out The Fab Life, which ist hosted by VH1:

For more Celebrity News visit TMZ:

If you’re looking for Hip Hop, R&B and Urban News, visit The Urban Daily:

What’s going on on the streets? Check out Tale Tela and be first:

Get your Urban Celebrity News right from BET:

A big overview with News for CHR, HotAC & Urban. Check out MTV:

This is only a small summary of our favourite content links. Sorry, if we didn’t mention all, but that would be a neverending story.

Did we missed anything?  Which sites should be mentioned? Where are you writers pulling stories from?

Just send an email to [email protected]

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