Hacking the informal Job MARKET or Andy never scores with…

This one is a very personal to me. Often, especially younger readers ask how do I or anybody I know, got this job, what they should do to achieve their dream job someday….so here is a kind of try to answer this in general or show it like I experienced it a lot of times, if people were talented, but didn’t make it the usual way….

Are there many motivated, well educated, talented youngsters on the blog? YES.

Are there many readers dreaming about getting a major market gig? I assume there are plenty! So:

How do you usually apply for your dream job? Most people (not just in radio business) try to get the best education they could get and then wait on an offical job offer, send a formal application and hope to get picked…..What if I would tell you that 80% of the jobs in the US are given away not by the formal job market, but by the informal job market (I assume in radio even more)? I say the chance seems very little to get your dream gig….would you say I am right?  Right, yes, But just if you try to make it the common way.

London, Sydney, LA, NYC, Benztown……Here is a guide to hack your dream job by applying the informal job market by using techniques you are not told about in school or university.

1.) Choose wisely. Line out where you want to work (at least 5 options) and get realistic about your current skill set and abilities (–> it would make no sense for me to try to email Pep Guardiola to play with Leo Messi at Barcelona – I just don’t have the talent to make it). But don’t stop dreamin on the other hand as well, everybody can get better and improve till a certain point and beyond, especially if you are motivated, work with a great mentor or are incredibly talented….. (I know one day I’ll play with Messi :)..)

2.) Start Networing. Try to connect with as many people inside the organisation(s) you want to work for. Research their email adresses by calling the front desk, send notes, letters, ask friends, partner & collegues, if they know anybody, add the people on fb. HOWEVER : DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO GET IN CONTACT ON AN INFORMAL LEVEL.

3.) Offer Free work and help.. Ask for advice, improvements, you could make and most important show them the tweaks, changes you made asap. Proove you want to learn and grow, contribute and are motivated to help. BE THERE and offer as much as help you could. If your mentor, contact, however you want to call it is more confident with the work you do.

4). Get closer. Maybe do some small payed freelancing here and there, a free internalship, ask for a visit, drink, coffee, catch up. Do everything to get personal and f2f feedback. Intensify your improvement and turn around times on tweaks. Make suggestions on small things could improve their workflow, product etc….Send them stuff they might be interested in, be inspirational and finally get to know the people better you want to work with on a personally level. Maybe also connect them with others you work with, know and like. Be honest: Tell them your dream would be to work together one day or at least work in that job somewhere. Be sure great people know other great people.

5.) Be patient and improve.……means get closer and closer…

The wait is over…..you finally got a call…The Gig is yours…


Entrepreneurs, creative people and organisations are intersted in skills and knowledge, not in formal eduaction!

Everybody likes to work with people he knows personally, knows about the company structure and style.

Great Poeple love to show their wisdom to others and inspire talented guys to keep the industry alive.

Innovative Guys are the future of their organization or company

….and and and….

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