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He Brothers in Arms,

we are finally on. This blog offers  real content. Not more – not less. That is our mission and goal. We want to make you improve and improve ourselves by sharing creativity, ideas, production techniques, tipps and tricks. The blog will focus on production content could be used in your daily life and delivered via video tutorials, pictures, blog posts, graphics….This blog wants to spread ideas, help you to create something magic and inspire  you- again and again.

From a Pro Tools video tutorial to the perfect jingle package brief, from production contests to new plugins, from daily work overload to creative solutions, from guest posts to weekly columns – this blog improves your skills and offers background knowledge in a variety of fields realted to your daily work environment. Please read about this blog to get more infos and check 7 reasons to suscribe, subscribe to the blog and get 10 Imaging FX and Sound Design work parts for free. Wanna get connected with me directly and improve your skills in just 5 minutes each single day ? Then read my daily posts under how to improve in 5 minutes.

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