How an Irish guy takes over the world famous Z100…

Paul Duffy is one of the most talented guys in the business, imaging 98FM in Dublin . He took over the world famous Z 100 to propose to his girlfriend Anita. Without exxageration: The most incredible proposal I ever heard of!

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Read the entire story… Paul made this incredible proposal working and check Anita’s answer.

Monday March 14th, Longest and most uncomfortable flight from Dublin to JFK New York City.
Here is why!
I have two loves in life, one is imaging. The other, an amazing beautiful woman called Anita.
We have been together 5 years and I was taking her to New York to celebrate our 5th year together, which was on march 16th, Well that was the reason I TOLD her.
I was going to propose. She is a very down to earth woman and made it VERY clear to me in past joking (with serious undertones) conversations that she was not a fan of Empire State proposals or in a restaurant with loads of people.
Hmmm, my brain goes into over drive. I wanted to make it BIG but personal, very personal, cause I’m a big softie and she is my world and deserves it, SO ???
If I was a goldsmith I would make her a ring, if I was a painter I would paint her a picture, if I was a baker… you get the idea.
I “imaged” our proposal. I sat back and thought about it and put the plan together. I am a radio freak; so I play up on the “can’t leave work alone on holidays” thing. So I came up with the plan of taking over Z100.Ok in reality it’s a cd in the limo that picks us up from the airport but she doesn’t know that.
A lot of work went into it and a lot of help from around the world too (Dave Foxx, Mike Santos and The Benztown Boyz) – I will explain as I go
So it started off with 20 minutes of Z100 playlist with promos and sweepers to make it authentic
In Dublin airport before we took off she was letting me talk radio (one of the big reasons I love her to death, she puts up with my radio nonsense), She had said that she would love the legend voice of Dave Foxx to say her name. Fast forward 9 hours-ish and we are in the limo listening to Z100 and this happens.
Our favourite movie as a couple is Serendipity, with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale , set in New York. It is at this point I must point out that we are in love with New York and we had talked for a couple of years about getting engaged there. I put together some music from the movie with clips of the movie that we love.
I then got a newsreader from my station to voice a mocked up entertainment news bulletin where I took celebs out of context.
There is this catchy jingle that was made for a broadband provider called wimax, very catch jingle, everyone loves it and sings it. A friend of mine in 98FM knows the guy who created it so I got it re sung to suit the trip
From the time I put this whole charade into action I wanted to try and get some celebs in on the action. Most of the celebs are from this side of the world, with a couple of surprises. A MASSIVE thank you to Dave Foxx for hooking me up, also the benztown boys for putting me in contact with the imaging rock star Mike Santos, who hooked me up too. Boys I will forever be grateful.

I must also mention the plan was to have this done and dusted the weekend before we went away. NOT SO. My boss decided to throw on a major station promotion the week of going away. Ya can see the tears from here cant ya!!?? We were to be in the airport for 7.40 Monday morning. Anita went to bed at 11.40 Sunday night; I had LOTS of coffee that night, if you know what I mean. I was burning off back up cd’s and transferring a back up of the back up to my mp3 player at 7.10 Monday morning. The longest flight I have ever endured. Thankfully, oblivious, Anita thought “It was a fantastic flight”. We get our bags, get sorted and then we see the Limo sign “Richardson/Duffy”. This is it – It’s really happening. We jump in the Limo, I start gulping the champagne , we listen to 20 mins of “Z100” then, wallop!!
Show Time!
It was worth it. She said YES!!

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