How David Konsky can improve your Imaging – Brionne Olsen…

Most of you guys sure remember Brionne Olsen – Imaging youngster from South Africa, Blog Contest Finalist and lucky winner of an exclusive Skype Q&A with David Konsky.

After learning from the master himself, he’s back with a new piece.

Check out the audio and pics of Brionne’s VO chain.

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Hello Andreas,

Would like to share with you something I made for our weekend dance show called Weekend Special. It’s a new show with a new presenter. So we going a little BIG with this one with fresh new imaging.

This is just the opener for this coming Saturday.

Brake down of what I have done:

VOX FX: WAVES EQ, PSP Master Q, VoxengoAFChorus

After editing the main vocal part, I cut them up in sections and split them over 2-4 channels. Each with its own delay and reverb setting – ranging from light reverb & delay to overdrive settings (usually on channel 3&4).

–          I initially apply a light EQ low freq cut as seen below and apply a more extreme low cut on other dry parts to create a sort of “bright telephone effect” (as seen on the below Q3 setting)

–          PSP Master Q setting is more of a mid freq “telephone” fx that I either apply a hard distortion on and again another light distortion to thin it out a little more and make it sound smooth.

Hope this adds some value to your blog and enriches or fellow Benztown users.

Below are Brionne’s Sreenshots. Click to enlarge.

Thanks to Brionne for sharing his audio and tricks with us.

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