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    As a reaction to my first post one of the closest friends in the business and an outstanding Imaging Directors buzzed me. Guys,  meet Paul Armstrong, UKs young gun and of THE Imaging Producer these days. Today Paul runs his own business and is a frequent business traveller. He answers the most asked question about his work and gives you a 20 minutes inspiration and overview of his award winning work for XFM in London – absolutly for free.

    Read Pauls Email below and please also check out Paul’s statement about benztown.

    Hi Andy,

    This is awesome Andy, good work.

    I’d be honoured to send you some of my stuff – my explanations on how I do it though might not make sense though… as I tend to just throw it all together and, some how, it turns out sounding the way it does!

    Something that might be of interest for your site is my XFM work that was Sony Award winning… I know a lot of producers always ask “What does it take to win a Sony Award” (or any other award for that matter). Well, I’ve actually put my audio entry online for people to listen to… it gives you an idea of the entire station sound… from Music Imagers to Power Intros, from News Sequences to Top of Hours etc. It’s pretty long (20 minutes) but this is what the judges requested and hey, they seemed to like it!

    You can download it here:

    Also, as this Imaging isn’t CHR, it’s probably pretty different to a lot of stuff that’s out there… XFM plays guitar based indie music… so no Lady Gaga in sight anywhere. Thank F**K
    If you give this audio a listen, you’ll realise I try and have fun with as many of the pieces as possible… so I guess my tip would be “Don’t take things so seriously” …
    Imaging is the personality of a radio station.
    If you met a person who was fun, didn’t take life too seriously but was still informative and told you all the right things… you’d probably want to hang out with them again, right? Well, this applies to Imaging… don’t be boring and repetitive… who wants to “hang out” with someone like that… no one!


    Check out who delievers the work parts and pieces for Paul’s productions.

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