How to image RTL in Halle and REVOLUTION in MIAMI…

Benni and I go way back in time. We had a few chats, while he was working for REVOLUTION in Miami and doing freelance work for several stations in Germany, Italy & Switzerland. Now after a few years in tech and dev, Benni is back with a new gig and new sound for 89.0 RTL in Halle, Germany. Maybe you remember Christian, who was featured on the blog a few years back and shaped the sound of the station. Enter Benni!!!

Benni, how is it to be back in radio full time?

First off I have to say: Thanks for having me in the same row with other Radio Imaging guys! 

It’s awesome. It was important to see that I can’t live without Radio Imaging. For 3 years I worked as a radio technician and produced Radio Imaging in the evening at home as a freelancer. It was a good experience, but I wanted to do it full time again. For me it’s not a job – it’s a passion. Radio & Imaging is my personal drug. 

How is it to take over from an extraordinary talented producer like Christian?

It’s an honour. He’s a great guy and I really love his work. We’re staying in contact to exchange some knowledge. 

At the beginning it was really hard to take on a job from such a guy, because going from a “freelance evening gig” to a full time job is always a hard thing. Stepping into Christian’s footsteps is like going from a hobby soccer club to the MLS.

Which production system do you use and why?

At the beginning in Nuremberg I started out with Pro Tools, after that I worked with Sony Vegas, then Audition and Cubase. Now I’m back with Pro Tools. I think it’s the best DAW for the radio business. It has a great workflow. Automation tracks are much simpler than Cubase, but that’s my opinion. What I miss in Pro Tools is the single “cut window”. 

What are your favourite PlugIns? What is the perfect VO chain?

Let’s begin with the VO chain. I think there is no “perfect chain”. The VO recordings are a little different each time. Compare it to stones: you have a lot of them looking the same, but they’re not. So you have to work with a different ? setting for every VO. I did templates for every station and then worked with them. Sometimes I did a little bit of playing around with the EQs. Other stations other wishes… 

Promo – Radio 105 (no VO) 

Promo – Radio 105 (VO)


PlugIns – oh my god – that’s a never-ending story. There are so many I like. My favorites are: Waves Tune and I really like working with simple things like H-Delay. There is no production I don’t use it with…

Waves Tune


















How do you schedule your work? How do you balance your music vs. imaging timewise?

That’s very simple: If you know what music is playing worldwide currently, you know what you can use. You don’t have to search for music pads. That saves a lot of time. What’s supposed to be on air next will be produced next. So I don’t have a real schedule. 

What do you love about working for 89.0 RTL?

It’s the format – it’s the team – everything’s perfect. CHR is my home base. I like it hot – very hot. It’s like a kick for me. Everyday a new kick. Like base jumping for people. 

What is the best Pro Tools or production trick anybody should know?

There are so many… Having a template with basic stuff in it like FX is the most important for me. It saves me a lot of time when creating stuff.

How do you get inspired and what do you use as source of creativity? 

My source of creativity is music. I don’t watch what other guys do. I focus on my own work. Otherwise it get’s confusing. I really love other people’s work, but I’d never copy something. 

When I listen to a song I get the feeling that it’ll work and I know where I can insert a break or an autotune. 

Who were your radio production idols? Who influenced your work as a music producer?

Let’s say it like this: I don’t have an idol. Like I said before: focus on yourself. However, there were five people that got me back into Radio Imaging again.. They said you have to be a Radio Imaging Producer. They listened to my demos I did while not working in radio. They told me to get back into the business quickly! Thanks to Erasmo, Umut, Klaus, Guido and Jens! You guys brought me back the right way!!!

What would your 3 key advices for a youngster be?

 1. Be yourself and don’t say: “I work for radio stations, you can’t touch me!” I know a lot of people that work in radio and I don’t like their attitude. It’s a normal job! When you’ve combined your passion and your work, that’s great! Don’t boast about it!

2. Take criticism as a motivation! If someone tells you to try it a different way, try it! If it doesn’t sound like you imagined, you still have your first version!

3. Radio Imaging should be a passion. It shouldn’t be a 8am to 4pm job. Radio is everywhere, Sound Design also. Stay in touch with friends that work for radio stations. Try to built a network. I did that too. Now I have a lot of contacts from all over the world. It’s important.

Some Extracts of Benni’s work: 

Beginning of reactivation

New Pl

Spanish Imaging Demo

Radio 105 Miami – Neutral Mashup 

Revolution Radio Miami 93.5 – Imaging Visual

Radio 105 Miami – Imaging Video Promotion

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