I swear: YOU would never pay the prize.

At the beginning of this post I am telling you straight, this one will be really controversial, but I love testing my theories in practic. This post will be a challenge for everyone –  no matter how experienced. (Maybe for you it has nothing to do with the offer I make below, because this might not fit to your needs, but be sure there is one fitting offer for you somewhere.)

In the last weeks Oli and I were discussing a lot about self development and self improvment and to be honest we really have a different mindsets about this topic. It is not that fact that it is one of the most important things in business- and real life to stay on top of everything. Also it is not that everyone should invest as much as possible in his/her own skills. These facts are mutual to us, but the crucial point is : ARE PEOPLE REALLY INVESTING IN THEMSELVES IF IT COSTS ANYTHING? Means: Do they spend enough money and time to get better and improve their skills? (No matter, if they hire a personal tutor for learning Japanese or a personal trainer at the gym to improve their performance on the lifestyle sector or on a business level spend several amount of money or time to improve their skillset as VO guy or at the ProTools machine.) I say: they don’t, no matter how good the offer is and Oli is the opposite of it – to him it is all about how good the offer is and he truly believes most of the poeple invest in themselves. That been said, I want to prove you all I am right and he is wrong. How? If you ask 100 people: “Would you buy this product for a cheaper prize or would you (having overweight) invest 60 minutes a day to work out, feel better, loose weight and look great”? I bet all of them would say, “well, sure thing I would do this.”

This, I doubt heavily! Make them a real offera and you’ll see! Thats why I created your once in a  life time offer to prove I am right:

A weekly 60 minutes call with Oli on sykpe for one month! (Learn more about Oli here). You can ask Oli everything you ever wanted to know about radio imaging, composing, plugIns…….and he will share his tricks and magic. Be sure Oli is one of the best and knows almost anything when it comes to production, strategical branding or composing (maybe because he invests tons of time and money in himself). Oli will speak true, give tipps, train you and maybe drop your name, when ever he hears about a great job offer coming up somewhere.

You will be consulted by a guy, who consults various production departments and trains tons of imaging guys, usually charging 1500 $ for a daily f2f coaching. You will qualify for my offer by paying with one of the two most valuable factors in business life:

a) your money (means 100 $) or

2) your time (Oli is bloody busy, so you give him time, means you produce a piece for him and he is coaching you.)

After all been said I also offer you a “tele shop” 🙂 money back guarantee (or if you produced anything for him a $$ for imaging piece guarantee), if you are not improved your skill set.  See how sure I am! Tell me wrong…..YOU would never pay the PRIZE.


ps. It also has been a massive challenge to us, because we were stuck into non investig in skill sets and self improvement years ago and now have created budgets and time slots to improve and develop ourselfs. It is tough, if you are bloody busy, but to me it is one of the most important things in life, without getting to much a philosopher :).

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