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Radio stations all around the world face the same challenge right now. What the heck should we do on-air in these never seen black swan type of times. How should we address this world wide epidemic on-air beside endless repetition of facts? Is it appropriate to be in a good mood, even if the world feels to end and some countries like Italy, Iran and Spain face dramatic scenarios? What do our listeners need? How do they feel? Do they want to get entertained or updated or both? How is home office working out? What do the kids do all day without school, Kindergarten, soccer practice, seeing friends, wandering around…and and and..? What can we do to make our listeners live easier, to help them ?

Therefore benztown teamed up with our dear friends Max and Ken from P1 media group to help you radio creators get through this challenging times by creating an idea exchange online sharing the greatest ideas from around the world, findings on the web and ideas people are having and are willing to discuss. Go check it out!

Welcome to Coronavirus Radio Ideas!
A Facebook group made for radio stations and radio creators that are figuring out how to navigate in the Coronavirus environment of the unknown. P1 Media Group and Benztown have created this space for radio stations around the world to curate and exchange ideas of what they’re doing to continue to deliver quality and out of the box content to their listeners.

Wanna help collect, share or even propose ideas, let us know here!

BTW…this photo is part of my personal home schooling, keeping the kids engaged routine :)..Hope you like it! I will let Elijah know!

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