I’m using Pro Tools daily, but never have seen that…

Shuffle Locked

‘Hey, Andre! Something seems wrong with the Shuffle Mode in Pro Tools. I can’t use it anymore and there’s some kind of lock next to it.’

We were sitting in the production studio at ENERGY, staring puzzled at the screen and wondering why the Shuffle Mode wasn’t working anymore. A few minutes ago, we had no problems and Shuffle Mode was working fine as always and now can’t even click it anymore.

The Avid Forum finally gave us the answer: The Shuffle Mode is locked and can be unlocked again by holding ⌘ + Click on Shuffle. After trying this, Shuffle Mode was unlocked and working again.

I’m a daily Pro Tools user and this was the first time, I’ve ever seen this and I think, it’s pretty cool.

I guess, most of us had more or less had some Shuffle Mode accidents, in which unaware use of the Shuffle Mode messes up accurate placed regions in a few seconds and now here’s the solution!

Time to lock the Shuffle Mode and keep yourself from accidentally screw up your regions.

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