In Memory of Tom Pagnotti



By Dave “Chachi” Denes

Tom was one of the first VO talent to join Benztown and believe in our barter model.  I remember him saying to me that as soon as we reached $2,000 a month in business with him he would take me on a trip.  We reached that goal within the first year of working together.  Unfortunately, I never took him up on the offer but it was an on going joke on many of our calls.  I had no idea he was seriously ill.  He just made a a donation to our Movember team a few weeks ago which tells me volumes about his character; he was sick but still found time to give to others.  I will forever be grateful to him for taking a chance on us.  I will miss him greatly and the great chocolate he would send us from Maine every Christmas!


Below are some of the heartfelt comments that have been left for Tom on his facebook page:

CHUCK IGO – As with any industry, you meet and work with a lot of people in radio. One of those I first met in college was Tom Pagnotti. He was a skinny, 17-year old freshman at Grahm in Boston and had one of those “voice of god” sets of pipes. Saddened to learn he passed away far too young last night. Many may know him on air as the “east coast” Tom Kelly who worked at WDRC in Hartford, WBIG in Washington, DC and even, for a time, with us on Big Hits Y100.9 in Portland while he set up his home-studio Choice Voice business. Found this on-line interview done by his former co-workers at Big D in Hartford. (Several pages – click “continue” at the bottom of each)

Safe home, Tom. And Rock On!

An interview with former WDRC air personality Tom Kelly by Ed Brouder

KENNY FRANKLIN – It doesn’t seem like enough to simply say I’m sad. Numb? You are a huge part of my life and I’m thankful for that. Pictured is 1 of the many Christmas ornaments you gave me. They’re hanging on my tree, as they do every year. I have boxes of your airchecks, countless pictures…and for some reason this is the pic I wanted to share. It makes me smile. Rest easy. Miss you.
Kenny Franklin's photo.

PETER KAHL – Today I lost a friend whom I have known for 23 years. He was one of the first friends I made in DC after moving there in 1992 to be with Martin. I listened to him every day on the radio as I drove home from work. We spent countless hours sitting around a dinner table, arguing, teasing, and tossing sarcastic barbs at each. After we moved to Maine, Tom came to visit and fell in love with Bath, Maine. Six months later he moved here. He was invaluable to me as Martin suffered through depression and illness – taking time off work to drive him to appointments. At Martin’s service, he added the levity and joy to the service that I needed to get through it. This picture was the last time Martin and Tom saw each other. That rainbow in the background has always been symbolic to me, and I know now that Tom and Martin are on the other side of it, sharing a great meal, and reminiscing about all the great times we had together.

— with Jim Haught and Mj Warren at Sewall’s backyard – Arrowsic.
Peter Kahl's photo.

LINDA FLORES O’ BRIAN – So sad. Just heard that Tom Pagnotti passed away today. We do VO together for a station in Atlanta. Really enjoyed his work. He was always so encouraging and curious about what I was signing up to do next! Meanwhile, I would joke that I was jealous that he lived in beautiful Bath, Maine where he could have lobster rolls whenever he wanted. Sweet man. Generous heart. Bless your friends and family, Tom. See you down the road, my friend.

Tom Pagnotti's photo.
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