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Hi guys, it’s Andre.

It’s now my 44th week at the Benztown Studios and I’m still learning everything about radio imaging and production.

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to find someone without a smartphone, especially in the media business. The iphone and its bigger brother the iPad both working on taking over the world.

There’s the App Store and the Android Market with millions of apps out there, a lot of them in the category music. Today, I’m gonna show you a few of them. Are iPhone, iPad and Co. a real help in music production or are they just high prized gadgets? 


You’re facing a long train ride or you’re in the waiting room. Why not use that time and create some beats? iMaschine makes that possible.

iMaschine by Native Instruments is the little brother of Maschine, NI’s Groove Production studio with the MPC inspired controller.

Like the big one, iMaschine comes with 16 pads to create beats. You also have a little piano roll for tonal elements and various effects. iMaschine is sample based and works in loops, so it’s easy to record change and mix samples to create beats.

Of course, it would be a total pain to create a whole song with iMaschine, so you can import your data from iMaschine to the Maschine software on your computer and finish your project there.

Amplitube iRig

Amplitube iRig is the perfect app for guitarists. It comes with a plug interface adapter. Just plug in your guitar into the adapter and the adapter into your iPhone or iPad. You can either plug in a pair of headphones or to your computer.

iRig comes with 11 emulated boxes, 5 amps, 5 cabinets and 2 mics. Put effects on your sounds and record them – all within iRig. The perfect app for a little jam session with the band. You just need you guitar and iRig.


ProRemote is a touch sensitive DAW control sourface. It comes with 32 channels with real-time metering and faders. On the iPad, you can control up to 16 faders simultaneously. The full version even includes a transport view, that allows you to start/stop and even set markers with your mobile device.

I really like ProRemote, especially when you’re working on large session without a seperate display for your mixing window. There are uprgades for saving, Plugin editing, automation view and much more. With the computer with your edit window in front of you and the iPad besides you on the table with your mix window, you have total control over your session.

Of course there plenty of good music production apps out there and if you know some you’re welcome to post them in the comments, but counting them all would be an endless story. At the moment, I think an app can’t replace a full studio or a DAW on your computer, but let’s see what the future will bring…

Cheers and have a nice weekend.

Cheers and

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