Iron Imager 2016: Here is the CONTENDER! Meet…..SIDEY!!!!


March 2016 – Dan Kelly is still the reigning Iron Imager, but we are looking forward to the next showdown at Iron Imager 2016 at WWRS in April! Will Dan make it the 4th time in a row and stay on the throne for another year?  Well, it’s up to this guy:  Sideshow Mike Andersen (aka Sidey) – he is the 2016 Contender.  I need to tell you guys I am so proud of you, the readers of this blog, the friends and followers of benztown, the guys connected in the imaging and production groups on Facebook – everybody who helps show the world how important our craft is for radio.  We had so many high level entries this year, so many personal friends. People I am connected with on social submitted, and so much great content was created with the help of our libraries and the fantastic Voice Over talents. Here is, of course, the winning audio from Sidey and the 5 best runner ups in an honorable mention. Enjoy!!!

MIKE ‘SIDEY’ ANDERSEN – congratulations Sidey! You won us over in the use of the provided workparts, presentation, and uniqueness. We are sure that this will be an awesome contest this year with two finalists who will bash it.

[soundcloud id=’254019051′ height=’false’ color=’#ff7700′]


But we don’t want to withhold the other amazing productions from you guys. It seems that many producers saw it like Harry Legg, as creativity was hardly respected this year. Here are the runner ups of Iron Imager 2016:

DARCY MILNE // Nova, Sydney/Australia

[soundcloud id=’254019239′ height=’false’ color=’#ff7700′]


BRODIE GREEN // Nova 96.9, Sydney/Australia

[soundcloud id=’254019291′ height=’false’ color=’#ff7700′]



[soundcloud id=’254019320′ height=’false’ color=’#ff7700′]


GARY McCLENAGHAN // Bell Media, Edmonton/Canada

[soundcloud id=’254019106′ height=’false’ color=’#ff7700′]


SERGEY ZELENTSOV // Europa Plus, Moscow/Russia

[soundcloud id=’254019075′ height=’false’ color=’#ff7700′]


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