It’s all about a great Radio Programm – Andre’s Production…

Hey guys, it’s Andre.

It’s now my 25th week at the Benztown Studios in Stuttgart, since I started as a volunteer.

You might create some really amazing imaging, but it still does sound bad on air? How could that happen? – The answer is really simple: Your stuff doesn’t fit the station. It might be to hot, not hot enough or just is not the style of your station.

When you’re working as the production guy of a radio station, it might happen really fast that you’re so much into imaging that you won’t notice what’s most important:

First, the music defines the style of the station. The imaging is supporting that style.

Here are a few tips how to create imaging, that your station supports.

Think about it: “What’s the message of my station and how can I deliver it with my imaging?”

What’s the image of your station? How does your station want to be seen? Are they young, are they cool, are they rough, ect….? Listen to the shows of your station and check the homepage to get an impression.

What songs is your station playing? Why using songs, that don’t fit your station at all?

If you’ve got free time at your station, get a chance to see how the program is set up. What’s the structure of a normal hour in your station? When are they playing which elements and how are they linked? When is music played? When are they playing Promos, Sweepers, Jingles, etc…?

Speaking of linking elements: Don’t be afraid to let your element end with a hit and a long tail. That tail can be used perfectly to fade into the next song. That adds a great flow to the program.

Leave some headroom in your productions. Your station is processing your imaging anyways, so leave some headroom, to avoid clipping after the processing.

When you get your imaging in harmony with the music and the shows, you’ll hear some great results.

At the end it’s all about the final product, a great radio program…

Cheers and have a nice weekend.

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