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Check out a first video draft with some impressions from our visit in Russia, where we recorded the new jingle package for Europa Plus. The VI sound studio had a lot of great gear, but I did not tell you about a once in a lifetime experience… The B&W 800 Diamond Series! (Side Note Andy: This post is all subjective and my personal opinion, for speakers everyone tends to like different stuff also: Thanks to Romain Travaillé for doing this great video – check more of his great work here. )

They are THE best I’ve ever heard! When I first listened to the 801 Diamond  (the older model) I thought it were the near field monitors (ProAc Studio 100) AND WONDERED, because of the low end :)… but it where the Bower&Wilkins sounding that close and pure. Look where they are positioned (this is 3 meters!!)

B+W 801 Position

Just a few points why I think the 800 diamond series from Bower&Wilkins are great monitors:

– The high end is incredible!!! Clear and brilliant…

– The very linear sound and the dynamic range makes it possible to hear every detail.

– An outer space design… They look amazing and their extraordinary shape help also to reduce resonances.

On B&W’s YouTube you can check out artist and making of videos or some very nice product videos like this one:

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