Listen To The Lyrics – Andre’s Production Diary Part 24

Hi guys, it’s me Andre.

David Konsky has proven it again… you don’t need much big effects to create stunning imaging In his Top 30 Mix, he created stunning imaging by using lyrics of songs.

Check out how you can create cool elements with focus on lyrics and some Benztown elements to inspire you.

Just listen close to the songs, you work with and you’ll hear a lot of great lyrics to work with.  Lyrics like ‘What’s Your Name?’, ‘Let’s Go’ etc….

There are tons of great lyrics, so keep a notepad with and notice a great part, when you hear it.

When I’m listening to the new songs of the week, I cut out great parts to work with and export them into a special sample archive. This is perfect for getting ideas for new elements. They sound fresh and they’re quick create.

Be open minded and you’ll see a lot of great opportnuites.

As an inspiration, I’ve attached a few elements with emphasis on the song lyrics.

Listen to the stuff, get inspirated and create your own stunning imaging.

Cheers and have a nice weekend.

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