Live like a Rockstar or the advantage of living the…

In Radio, most of the imaging guys, I know, want to work in CHR / Top40 or at least HotAC. We all love that zip zap, massive exlplosions, panning and layering insanity combined with fast, powerful and driving beats. But what about the guys doing Niche Formats, what qualifies them to do it better than others? What helps them to stay on top of everything, discover trends and connect wit the specific world of their target and listeners? Urban and Rock are these kind of formats to me. Sure there is even more Niche Formats like Bossa, Jazz or Classic, but these guys don’t read production blogs anyway ;).. My Assistant Producer Fabi is the perfect example. He is the perfect match for Rock / Alternative. Why? He lives the lifestyle. Fabi is a Alternative and Rock music addict, he is a great drummer, who plays in several bands, he loves concerts and festivals, is a skateboarder and works as a bar keeper in Alternative clubs all over the place. He knows what’s up, he sees the trends when they are born and he has the skill set to combine and integrate them in his Imaging for Benztown. Fabi is ROCK and ALTERNATIVE – he speaks the language, he lives the lifestyle and he really ROCKS, because he loves the music he is working with. To me that’s the KEY for Niche formats.

Sure there will be some saying Dave Foxx f.e. still does Z100 and he is not 28 any more, but Dave and other guys his age and skill set are Icons with extraordinary talent and can’t be compared to any advantage production guys. I am sure without knowing Dave that well, he knows exactly what’s up in the environment of his target through research and he has often contact to younger guys and focus groups telling him exactly about the needs of his audience.

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