Look out…it’s the Page Counting Police!

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Great Customer Service

OK, now I might tick-off some people with this column…but here goes.  It amazes me when I hear stories of how some fellow VO talents treat their client stations.  When we set-up a monthly retainer deal with a client, the rate is determined typically by market size and the page count.  If it is a barter model then ratings will also come into the equation.  If a client wants you to voice their station in Chicago for example, but they only want one page per month – you’ll need to make sure that the price for that one page is worth giving up exclusivity in that particular market.  Which means whether the client wants 3 or 4 pages instead of one, you still have to make sure you are getting enough for that one page to make it worth your while.

traffic cop gary

Here’s where I have a problem.  We set-up page counts in contracts to protect ourselves from receiving a copy of War and Peace to read for the station…to prevent abuse…and to match the price we are charging.  However, I can happily say that I have enough clients that the last thing I’m worried about is keeping a tally on how many pages I have received from each client each month.  As long as my clients do not abuse me, if they really need something and they have already sent me their contracted number of pages for the month, I’m going to read it for them. This is radio and things come up.  I don’t want my PD’s or production people worried about sending me a simple promo because they have to wait until next month to do so.  Sometimes a station uses two voices and sometimes the other talent might be out sick or whatever – Of course I’ll help out and read something more due to the circumstances.

But I hear stories of VO talents who do not give an inch.  I think this is wrong – when you’re the VO talent for a station, you are a part of their team and you should want them to succeed and have great ratings – that will only benefit you with getting renewed.  Also, that PD or production person probably won’t be at that station forever – when they move on, I want them to want to work with me again.   Just some thoughts to ponder for my fellow VO talents.  I’d be glad to receive your comments below.

The lovely Rachel McGrath was kind enough to show us her best “frustrated-with-all-this-copy” face. We think she’s a bit too nice for these to be convincing…

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