Make your session fit the beat – Consolidate and elastic…

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

Radio imaging also contains pretty generic work including creating a lot of elements in short amount of time. Useful for this task are shells, already produced intros and outros, which you just need to combine with the needed VO audio, Listener samples or music hooks. Today, I’m showing you a simple trick to get such a shell in the right timing for a different speed, so you can re-use it.

Below you can see a shell and now check, how I will quantize the whole shell into a new tempo.

Shell OriginalMark the whole shell and all the audio included. You’ll get the best results with a beat-related shell, which is already in grid. The easiest way to move all the single regions around, is to create one region per track, so consolidate the audio by pressing shift + option + 3. This shortcut will create one region for every track over the distance of your marked area.



Now, you can move the whole shell around or just single tracks if you want. Move this shell to its new location with a different tempo. The easiest way to change the tempo of the whole shell is to make sure that all tracks have elastic audio enabled. Group the tracks, so you can edit them all at the same time and use your TCE tool to get them into your new grid.

Elastic Audio


If using elastic audio is not working for every audio in the shell (stretching some samples too much might destroy the sound), you can also cut the beginning of the single samples and quantize them to the grid with command + 0 (zero).

Use consolidate and elastic audio to make your shells fit the beat quick and easy.

Cheers and have a great weekend.


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