Making the chain complete – The ultimate broadcasting processing or…

Did you ever get the chance to see your station’s secret weapon in sound processing live in action? – The key behind cutting edge broadcasting sound. If not, you better contact your station’s engineer and make sure, you’ll hear it with your own ears, because here’s the magic happening.

After various discussions with the man himself, Greg Ogonowski (the guy who is the mastermind behind the Optimod) and Gary Kline, the CTO of Cumulus Media and various other broadcasting specialists, this topic is my new baby. I am super interested and know that I have to learn a lot more about the transmission processing, which is the last step in your station’s chain. Did you ever ask yourself the question, what exactly broadcasting compression will do and what it has to do with the elements you put together in the studio? If not: NOW IS THE TIME to ask that question and to learn more. This could be a great way to sound better than the competitor — a great way to stand out!

Various manufacturers are fighting for the best sound and every station has its favorite. What about yours? What do your engineers prefer or do you have an own favorite in sound processing? What product treats your station’s sound the best? Let me know.

Cheers, Andy

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