Andy’s Fiver Friday #247… Matt Anderson TAKEOVER!

Andy’s off on holiday so this week’s Fiver Friday is from Matt Anderson, Benztown’s Director of Custom Imaging!


1. Web/Social/Whatever


I’ve gotten really into this History Channel show lately called ‘The Unxplained’ with William Shatner. They cover all types of stuff that is…. unexplained!



2. Music


I was vaguely aware of ‘Bring Me The Horizon’ before watching this mini-documentary, but ever since watching it I have gone on an absolute binge. This channel also has an awesome video on Marilyn Manson!



3. PlugIN


I have been using the Signal Generator to create White Noise lite hits and risers for some subtle effect in my imaging lately. Once the length of white noise is created I filter it to create a falling and rising effect. Check out the video!


4. Inspiration


Listening to this guy makes me want to wake up at 3am and run through a brick wall. Jocko Willink, check out his podcast!


5. Imaging


Want to share some pretty awesome work from our guy Tom Green in NYC, he rebranded WTNR in Grand Rapids, MI in 2 days!

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